4 Ways to Have a Mosquito-Free Summer

Warmer weather is here! While this is surely cause for celebration, there’s one pesky bug that’s not invited to the party – the mosquito. The only downside to summer, mosquitos have a habit of ruining all our fun with their annoying buzz and itchy bites! This summer, stand up to the mosquito and take extra precaution from their bite with these 4 DIY tips!

Plant Lavender

The best time to plant lavender is during the spring season. Grab a few bushels and plant them around the yard, especially near your outdoor seating. Lavender’s scent deters both flies and mosquitos, but it will be a nice, relaxing addition to your backyard!

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is another scent mosquitos can’t stand! Pick up some peppermint essential oil and dap on your wrists before going outside. You can also make your own spray by combining a few drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle filled with filtered water. You can spray this mixture on outdoor furniture, on your kids, and even your dog!

Mason Jar Repellent

Ditch the tiki torches and make your own natural mosquito repellent. With just a handful of ingredients, you can create your own mosquito lamp to put on the table or around your campsite! It’s easy to put together and it will smell amazing! Get the instructions here.


Next time you’ll be around the campfire, bring a sage bundle along and toss it into the fire. The fumes from the sage with deter both flies and mosquitos, so you can make your s’mores in buzz-free silence!

We hope these tips keep your summer fun mosquito-free! See you this summer at Splashway!