Family DIY

Fun Things to Do Indoors on Rainy Summer Days

Nobody likes rain on a Summer day, but we all know the weather has a mind of its own! When it’s raining outside, don’t let your kids lock themselves in their rooms and stare at a TV screen all day. Instead, perk up the family with some fun, indoor activities you can do together!

Dust Off the Board Games

Even when the power goes out, these good ole fashioned board games come in handy! Open the closet where you keep all of your holiday gear and pull out the classics, like Sorry, Monopoly, Twister, or Clue! Want to make it more interesting? Come up with your own set of additional house rules, like anytime someone rolls two 1s (AKA “Snake Eyes”) everyone has to hiss!

Bake a Batch of Cookies

Nothing puts a smile on a child’s face quite like a warm, gooey chocolate cookie! The best part about baking is kids can help. Let them form the dough, roll it out, use cookie cutters to make different shapes! Once they’re done, everyone has a yummy treat AND your whole house smells delicious! While your kids may help you make the cookies, we can’t promise they’ll help clean up.

Build a Fort

Bring imagination and creativity to life by building a mega fort for everyone! Pull together a bunch of blankets, pillows, and sheets, then get to work! Go the extra mile by bringing in flameless candles or string lights to brighten things up. See how big and cozy you can make yours! Need a little inspiration? Check out this cozy fort from Nifty!

Bundle Up and Watch Movies

You knew this one was coming! The perfect, go-to rainy day activity is to bundle up with some popcorn and the family to watch movies all day long. Now that you have your fort built, you’re movie-ready! All you have left to do is pop the popcorn and try to get the kids to agree on a movie…Good luck!

Plan Your Next Sunny Day

Make sure to carve out some time for a little Sunny Day-Dreamin’! You’ll feel instantly warm when you close your eyes and picture standing in the hot Summer sun. And what better place to soak up rays than Splashway? Buy your tickets online, order your new swimsuit, and wait for the sun to shine again!