Splash Cash

Help us keep our payments touch-free this summer by utilizing Splash Cash! Accepting in both the waterpark and campground, Splash Cash is an easy way to wear your wallet on your wrist and simply scan, pay, and go all day!

How does it work?

Splash Cash works by loading a set amount of money onto a wristband. This can be a Season Pass Holder band, or just a daily band! To try Splash Cash, simply visit the Camp Store, Guest Service Lobby, or Information Booth on your next visit and determine the amount of money you’d like to load onto your band. (Psst, Season Pass Holders! Find out how you can load your wristband at home here.) Once the amount of your choice is loaded, simply show your wristband at any checkout location and we’ll scan it to pay!

There is no minimum amount required and Splash Cash never expires, so you’re safe to load up visit by visit or budget for the whole summer! Give each of your family members a budget by getting multiple Splash Cash bands, or keep the purse strings tight and load it all onto one. However you want to do it, Splash Cash will work for you!

What does Splash Cash pay for?

Splash Cash can be used across both the waterpark and campground to purchase any of the following:

  • Food & Snacks
  • Merchandise
  • Beverages and Souvenir Cup Refills
  • Campground Amenities, like Laser Tag or Putt Putt
  • Camp Store Necessities

Who can use Splash Cash?

ANYONE! If you’re coming to Splashway, you can use Splash Cash! It works on just about any in-park purchase you’d like to make and, since there’s no minimum required, it’s great for giving kids a budget and letting them get their own refills or book their own laser tag games! Splash Cash is designed to make your life easier while minimizing contact during payments.


What happens if I don't use it all during the summer?

Well, it never expires so you can hold onto it until next summer or use it during one of our many camping season events!

How can I check my Splash Cash balance?

Simply visit the Guest Service Lobby, Camp Store, or Info Booth with the wristband you’d like to check. They’ll be able to scan it and give you a balance update.

There’s really no minimum?

There’s really no minimum? That’s right! If you want to load up a Splash Cash wristband for just $1, we won’t stop you. Although, once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

What happens if I lose my Splash Cash wristband?

As long as your wristband is registered we can replace it and remaining value!  Unfortunately, if the band is not registered we can not replace it.