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How To Make the Perfect S’more

Every camper needs to know how to make the perfect s’more! While the process is pretty straightforward, ending up with the perfect ooey gooey s’more takes a little patience and a lot of practice! As professional campers at Splashway Campground, we’ve learned some tricks of the trade throughout the years and are now passing our wisdom onto you and your family.

Step 1: Do Your Prep Work

Before you start roasting anything, make sure you have your graham cracker broken into 2 pieces and your chocolate base laid out. Whichever side of graham cracker you place your chocolate squares on will be the bottom of your s’more. Make sure your chocolate squares aren’t too big for your graham cracker or you could end up with a big mess!

Step 2: Roasting Your Marshmallow

Find a skewer and pierce your marshmallow right through the center, moving it down the skewer 0.5-1 inch so there’s no risk of it sliding off and into the fire. Start with your marshmallow just above the flames so it starts to warm up, but not char just yet. After about a minute or so, start to slowly lower your marshmallow into the fire, rotating it so it begins roasting evenly on each side. If you like your marshmallow lightly charred, keep it towards the top of the flames so it doesn’t get too crispy. If you’re going for a crispy marshmallow, keep lowering into the fire and rotating to your desired char level. For the ultimate char, let your marshmallow catch fire before blowing it out.

Step 3: Smoosh It All Together

With your piping hot marshmallow still on the stick, lay it down on top of the chocolate side of your graham cracker. Then, so you don’t burn your fingers, use the other piece of graham cracker to sandwich it together, holding it steady as you gently remove the skewer from your marshmallow. Keep your hand in place to apply pressure to the top graham cracker and trap in the heat!

Now, for the most important step, WAIT! That’s right, we said it. Keep applying pressure to the top graham cracker for about a minute so your marshmallow can start to melt your chocolate layer and cool down just enough so as not to burn your mouth.

Take a quick peek at the chocolate layer and see how gooey it’s getting. Once it’s melty enough for you, give it one last smoosh together and take a big, messy bite!

Of course, when you’re perfecting any new skill, it’s important to practice! Camp with us at Splashway Campground and participate in our s’more nights throughout the year!