Splashway – Texas Waterpark and Texas Campground – is proud to support our local community. We support a wide range of causes, from national charities to local causes and events. Splashway will not donate money on requests for donations. Requests for support are accepted via U.S. mail, (no faxes, telephone calls, Facebook requests, or emails please) on organization letterhead that includes a copy of the IRS determination letter indicative of 501 (C) (3) status. In addition, the organization’s federal identification number should be provided. Please allow four weeks for a response to your request. All causes must be BOTH non-profit and charitable in nature. We are unable to support the following requests for donation:

  • Scholarships
  • Request from or benefiting individuals
  • Picnics or gatherings for other for-profit companies
  • Homeowners associations, athletic clubs or other organizations that are non-profit but are not charitable in nature
  • Independent film or video productions
  • Beauty pageants
  • Events that occur any time other than between the months of May through August.

Splashway Waterpark receives a large number of requests for donations for assistance every week. Unfortunately, we cannot support or answer every request. When we are able to honor a request, we make every effort to notify the organization by mail as expediently as possible. Please allow ample time to respond when making a request.

Questions? Reach out to us!