What Makes Splashway the CLEANEST Waterpark in Texas

It’s not just a tag line, it’s the truth! We work hard every day to ensure our waterpark goes above and beyond your cleanliness standards. Now, how do we keep our waterpark the cleanest in Texas? We don’t mind sharing our secrets!

It’s All in the Water

Chlorine won’t cut it alone! Yes, our water is treated with chlorine, but it’s also treated with Ultraviolet filters! UV filters work by disrupting the DNA and RNA of specific organisms, such as viruses, which in turn kills or inactivates the virus completely. By using both chlorine and UV filters, we kill even the most microscopic bacteria that may linger. Splashway Waterpark is one of the only aquatic facilities in Texas that uses this technique!

Clean Team, Activate! 

We have a whole team of people dedicated to keeping Splashway Waterpark squeaky clean, aka the CLEAN TEAM! They work tirelessly to keep debris off the ground and out of the water. And this year, our Clean Team is bigger and better than ever. They’re disinfecting door handles, tables, railings, and any other high-contact area!

So come out this summer to Splashway Waterpark, the CLEANEST waterpark in Texas, so that you and your family can have some serious fun this season! Make sure to check out our daily specials before you start planning your trip!