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Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids 

EEK! It’s almost Halloween! Having trouble coming up with a budget-friendly costume for your kiddos? Don’t resort to expensive store-bought costumes to save on time when there are so many options already at home. Here are 5 Halloween costumes that are affordable and easy to throw together! These costumes look so good, no one will suspect they were last-minute!


This adorable scarecrow costume is perfect for kids of all ages, and uses things they more than likely already have in their closet! Just add some scarecrow makeup and corn husks to pull the look together!

You’ll need:

  • Flannel shirt
  • Jeans or overalls
  • Boots
  • Floppy Hat
  • Black eyeliner
  • Corn husks


Transform into a magical unicorn with just a headband! This is a costume you don’t have to wear only on Halloween, but anytime you feel like tapping into your magic unicorn powers. All the supplies can be easily found at your local craft store, and this project takes less than 20 minutes to make! Wear all white and add a tutu for flair!

You’ll need:

  • 1 headband
  • Felt and glitter cardstock for ears
  • Stuffing
  • Ribbons/jewels/flowers, or whatever embellishments you’d like!

Get the instructions here.


All you really need for this creepy skeleton costume are some old t-shirts and a pair of scissors! Trace a rib design onto freezer paper and iron to the back of the black shirt, and cut your design with fabric shears. Layer your creation over a white t-shirt, add a skeleton mask (or if you’re really ambitious some skeleton makeup) and eek! You’ve got a scary skeleton for a kid!

You’ll need:

  • Fabric shears
  • Black t-shirt
  • White t-shirt
  • Black pants
  • Marker
  • Freezer paper
  • Skeleton mask (optional)

Bubble bath

Want a costume no one else will have? This squeaky clean costume is unique and so easy! Just pin some white balloons to an all-white outfit, pop on a shower cap, and accessorize with your favorite bath time toy, like a rubber ducky!

You’ll need:

  • Long-sleeve white shirt
  • White pants
  • Shower cap
  • White balloons
  • Tape or safety pins
  • Rubber ducky or loofa

Black Cat

A Halloween classic, this simple black cat outfit is always a win! Any variation of an all-black outfit will do, drawn-on whiskers, plus some cat ear headbands that are extremely easy to find wherever you shop! But if you do want to craft your own kitty ears, here’s a tutorial.

You’ll need:

  • Eye liner
  • Black shirt in any style (tank top, tshirt, long sleeve)
  • Black pants
  • Optional: black dress
  • Cat headband

Need some more DIY inspiration? Check out more here! Now grab that glue gun and get to hallo-winning!