4 New Attractions at Splashway Waterpark

The cleanest waterpark in Texas just got BETTER! Now open at Splashway Waterpark are 4 new heart-pumping attractions the whole family will love! From award-winning body slides, to family tube rides, and even a brand new attraction never seen before. Splashway Waterpark is OPEN NOW for its best summer yet!

Texas Twist

Satisfy your need for speed in one of the world’s most exhilarating water rides! This unique attraction sends riders through back-to-back turns and high-banking curves, featuring narrow loops and twisting tunnels, for a truly thrilling ride.

Height Requirement: 48” and up

Summit Plummet

This award winning water slide starts in the SkyBOX, where riders will wait with anticipation until the floor drops from under them, sending them plunging into this iconic ride. Complete with sheer drops and tight turns, this slide uses G-force to glue the rider to the slide wall for an exhilarating experience from start to finish.

Height Requirement: 48” and up

Blueper Looper

Come ride the waterpark industry’s #1 single and double tubing ride! This water slide launches riders into an enclosed flume and sends them whizzing through a mix of back-to-back curves, drops, and vortex loops!

Height Requirement: 42” and up

The Patriot

Splashway Waterpark

Introducing the world’s newest water slide, The Patriot! This brand new attraction transforms conventional ride paths by creating a quick change in direction that will keep riders on their toes. With fast up and down oscillations, The Patriot will create an unpredictable ride experience every time.

Height Requirement: 42” and up