5 Things You Can’t Do in the City

City-life definitely has its perks, but some things are simply more suited for country life! This camping season, we recommend getting out of the city, if only for a weekend, and experiencing all that a camping trip has to offer. So, what exactly can’t you do in the city?


You may think you can get a good look at the stars from your backyard, but you have no idea what you’re missing! Far away from the city lights, the night sky is illuminated by gorgeous stars and constellations. On a clear night, you’d almost think you can see the whole universe. Need a little help spotting constellations? Start with these 5 that are usually pretty easy to spot!

Enjoy Authentic S’mores

We can’t lie – microwave s’mores aren’t half bad! Melty chocolate and marshmallows are too delicious to mess up, but nothing beats that authentic smokey flavor you can only get from a proper campfire! The crackling campfire adds that perfect crispy char your microwaved marshmallow has been missing. At Splashway, every site has a fire pit and we have s’more making kits waiting for you in our Camp Store!

Experience the Quiet

Noise pollution? What’s that? Out here, we’re too busy enjoying the charming chirps of crickets, the wind blowing through the trees, and the soft sound of rippling water on the pond. No sirens, no traffic, no advertisements – just nature.

Unplug & Disconnect

In the city, wifi is everywhere! And while this may be a perk most of the time, it makes it impossible to put your phone down and just disconnect from all things digital. When you’re camping with family, you don’t need your phone. Your family is with you, your meals are easy, and there’s no wifi to tempt you! Use your camping trip as an excuse to leave your phone on the charger and just be present in the day.


You had to see this point coming! Backyard camping is cute for your little ones once in a while, but it’s not real camping! The beauty of taking a camping trip is getting to experience all we’ve listed above, together. Sure, you can DIY hack your way through all of these things, but camping as a family is about the experience! And you just can’t hack that.

So, what do you say? Ready to give camping a shot? Before you go out and buy all your camping gear, learn how you can camp to your comfort level here at Splashway.