4 Places to Snap a Pic with Ray

Have you met Ray? He’s the official Splashway mascot and is known for his sunny personality and his great dance moves! He’s the reason the sun is always shining at Splashway, and nothing will put a smile on your little one’s face like getting a high five and a picture with Ray! Trust us, they’ll both be beaming! Ray’s always floating around the park in one way or another, you just have to know where to look! Here’s the scoop on where you can snap a perfect pic with Ray for an awesome keepsake, and as an entry in our summer-long “Show Us Your Ray Face” contest. While Ray doesn’t have to be in your photo for it to count as an official contest entry, he’ll certainly make the picture sunnier!

1. You can spot a picture of Ray next to the We Are Family Wavepool attraction! After catching some waves in our low-thrills wave pool, gather your family around the We Are Family sign for a cute pic! Starting out with a picture of Ray is also a great way to show shy children that mascots make awesome friends.

2. Another great place to get silly and strike a pose is with Ray’s statue, located next to the park flagpole. The whole family has room to crowd around and practice giving Ray hugs and highfives before meeting him in person.

3. And yes, you can meet Ray in person! His absolute favorite thing to do is hang out with Splashway guests. You can usually catch him touring the park at 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM, especially at his favorite spot to dance with his friends, the We Are Family Wavepool beach! Just listen for the in-park announcements so you can catch him for a hug, high-five, and picture!

4. After meeting Ray, it’s understandable if you and your family feel like you’ve made a life-long friend. That’s why in our gift shop we have Ray Dolls so you can take your new friend home! Available in large, medium, and even key-chain size, a Ray Doll is the perfect way to snap photos with him anytime, anyplace.

We can’t wait to see your Ray Face! When posting photos of the waterpark, be sure to tag Splashway as your location and use the hashtag #MyYourRayFace so we can show Ray!