Campfire Recipes

5 Sweet and Savory Campfire Breakfast Recipes You’ll Love

Every day of your family vacay should start with a delicious breakfast! When you’re planning your next camping trip to Splashway Campground, make sure to prep some delicious breakfast meals to help your family to start the day right! Here are some of our favorites that you can prep ahead and cook right over the campfire for a quick and easy breakfast.

Make-Ahead Pancake Mix from Thrifty DIY Diva

This is a smart, space-saving breakfast idea! Pancakes are a family favorite breakfast food and, with this recipe, you can prep and pack your pancake mix so all you have to do is cut the tip of your bag and pour the batter into your hot skillet! If you’re staying in a cabin, make this at the stove! If you’re staying in a cottage or tent site, simply heat up your cast iron skillet over the campfire and go!

Ham and Cheese Hash Brown Foil Packets from Damn Delicious

Another prep, wrap, and bake miracle! Prep your foil packets before your trip, store them in your cooler and throw them over the campfire (or in the oven) when you’re ready to make them. You’ll have a delicious breakfast in just 20 minutes.

Bake-Ahead French Toast Loaf by Today’s Parent

French toast is a family favorite, but it can be messy to make. With this recipe, you’ll be able to make a whole loaf of french toast that you can then wrap in foil and reheat in the oven or over the campfire. All you have to pack is the syrup!

Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches from Exploring Domesticity

These are PERFECT for camping! You prep your favorite breakfast sandwich or burrito, wrap it in foil and reheat when you’re ready to eat. With so many variations, you can really tailor this to your family. Plus, the recipe will leave you with 10-15 breakfast sandwiches so you’ll have several mornings covered!

Orange Peel Cinnamon Rolls from Say Not Sweet Anne

This recipe was created by campers, for campers, so you know it will be easy and delicious! This recipe is great for so many reasons. Using orange peels as a plate for your breakfast will help minimize waste and cleanup, plus you’ll have peeled oranges to eat as a healthy snack while your cinnamon rolls bake over the campfire.

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