Beginner BBQ Cook-Off Tips for Splashway Campers

Are you ready for the MLK Weekend BBQ Cook-Off at Splashway Campground? Before you pack up and hit the road, here are some tips to help you win the big prize. Whether you’re a seasoned BBQ chef or a newbie to the world of campground cooking, everyone can learn a thing or two from our cook-off tips!

Pack Light

Only bring what you need! Packing spices? Try premixing your dry spices or using a pill box to pack just a few tablespoons of each. If you’re using fresh veggies, go ahead and chop them up and store them in plastic storage bags. This will eliminate the need to bring along a cutting board and the precut veggies will be easier to pack in the cooler! On that note…

Equipment Checklist

Make a list of everything you’ll need and double check it! (This is especially important for our RV campers!) BBQ Cook-Off pros say the best way to do this is to walk through your prep and cooking process from start to finish and make your list as you go.

Know the Turn-In Times

Don’t lose on a technicality! Make sure you’ve timed your cooking so you’ll be able to get everything to the judges by the designated turn-in time on Saturday. (Give yourself a little wiggle room in your cooking times, just in case!)

  • Half Chicken due by 1pm
  • Pinto Beans due by 1pm
  • Pork Ribs due by 2pm
  • Brisket due by 3pm
  • BBQ Sauce due by 3pm

Don’t Forget the Foil

The one thing you shouldn’t pack lightly is heavy duty foil! This will be your best friend during the cook-off!

Bring Your Team Spirit

While our BBQ judges will be focused on your cooking, we have a few other judges who will be looking for the most team spirit! We’ll be giving away 3 team spirit awards to the teams who brought their A-game in uniform, decoration, and character!

While these tips will come in handy for our BBQ Cook-Off, they’re also great to keep in mind for future camping in Texas! Don’t forget to review the rules & regulations before your trip. If you need inspiration for more campfire recipes, follow us on Pinterest!