How To Transform Your Living Room Into a Cozy Campsite

Chances are you’ve spent A LOT of time at home lately. And while your living room used to be a place where you and your family could reconnect and spend time together, it’s now being used as the temporary office / classroom. It’s time for YOU to reclaim your space, and we’ve got just the project that will bring everyone together under one blanket roof…that’s right, the ultimate Living Room Campground!

Bring back the fun by transforming your living room into a campground, where work and school AREN’T ALLOWED! We’ve got a list of a few supplies, but this project is entirely up to you and your imagination!

Supplies Needed:

  • Family!
  • Flat Sheets (Or Your Actual Tent)
  • 2 Tables or Chairs
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Lanterns / Flashlights / Twinkle Lights


  • Books or Coloring Books (So your little ones have things to do!)
  • House Plants (Give it a jungle feel!)


  1. Gather your supplies needed and clear a space in your living room.
  2. Position your tables or chairs at the corners of your “campsite” (If you’re using your tent, skip to step 4).
  3. Drape your sheets over the chairs to make a tent, making sure to secure them for less fuss later. Don’t forget to leave space for an easy entry point!
  4. Place your lanterns, flashlights, or even your twinkle lights around your campsite and turn off all the lights for a real weekend in the wilderness feel!
  5. Bring plants from around your house to make you feel more at one with nature. If you’re not a plant person, make trees, leaves, and vines out of paper and create your own jungle!
  6. Use your phone or TV to play some soothing nature sounds.
  7. HAVE FUN! Use your flashlight to make shadow puppets on the walls of your tent, make some art like you would at Ray’s Arts & Crafts events at Splashway, grab a book to read together or tell stories like you would around the campfire, stick some glow in the dark stars to your tent and stargaze – the possibilities are endless!

Of course, if you just need to get out of your living room for the weekend, you can always head to Splashway Campground for the real thing!