Little Swimmers? Splashway Waterpark Is Made For You!

At Splashway Waterpark, we don’t take being the best family water park lightly – when we say family, we mean FAMILY. That’s why we’ve put extensive thought into the selection of every new attraction, every next step, and every future plan. We’ve paid particular attention to our tiniest guests to ensure that there really is something for everyone. And today, we’re taking a moment to spotlight the best rides and attractions for those tiniest guests, 48” and under.

Costa Del Ray

Watch your kids take on our newest and largest kid zone in the park! With dumping buckets, floating sea creatures, and 11 slides, this is one adventure that’s sure to keep them entertained all day long.

Height Requirement: 48” and under.


An obstacle course that will put your balance and agility to the test. Hop from floating lily pads to logs, successfully making your way across without ending up in the water!

Height Requirement: None.

Lazy River

A wonderful option for beginner swimmers. Float, swim, or splash along the lazy river as the gentle current glides you along.

Height Requirement: None.

Wave Pool

A piece of the tropics, right in the heart of Texas. Our wave pool delivers a dose of the ocean, complete with clear blue waters, and the soothing sound of crashing waves along the shore.

Height Requirement: None.

We Are Family Wave Pool

The smaller of our two wave pools located in the heart of the waterpark. Float straight on in from the lazy river to catch some waves, or test those dance moves with Ray, Mono, and Rainbow along the beach!

Height Requirement: None.


Mellow. Relaxed. Laid Back. Our lagoon pool is the perfect place to soak up the sun!

Height Requirement: None.

Toddler Bay

Branching off of Costa del Ray, this is an area exclusive to our tiniest first-time swimmers. Let them get acquainted with the water with the help of our friends Tommy the Turtle, Crabby the Crab, and Felicia the Fish!

Height Requirement: 36” and under.

Pirates of Kiddie Cove

Argh, Matey!!! Float in and out of this area from the Lazy River or wade in from the beach. Little ones can climb, slide and spray others from the deck of the pirate ship, or dare to take on Rock Mountain, its swirling slide, and 3 mini-speed racers.

Height Requirement: 55” and under.

Minnow Pond

Another Toddler exclusive! Slide down Betty the Butterfly or splash around under our Mushroom Waterfall!!

Height Requirement: 36” and under.

For older kids who are ready for a more exhilarating adventure…

Hurricane Hill

The making of a thrill seeker starts right here! Master the 20’ plunge into our lazy river and you’ll be ready to take on some of our more heart-pounding attractions.

Height Requirement: 42”+

Jet Stream

Two epic dragon tail slides and multiple drops put you head to head in a race to the bottom! This is one ride that’s sure to get the competitive juices flowing!

Height Requirement: 42”+

Ray’s Racers

Adrenaline junkies – you’re up! This ride takes you head first in an epic battle across 4 slides! Who’ll make it to the finish first!?

Height Requirement: 42”+

Midnight Storm

The adrenaline runs high, starting in a pitch black tunnel before sliding through a whirlwind of twists and turns, ending with an epic splash as you take the final plunge!

Height Requirement: 42”+

Slippery Twister

The rush begins 45’ above ground. Slide through a series of twists and turns that will keep you guessing as they change direction with no warning!

Height Requirement: 42”+

Tropical Storm

Pick your thrill! Two slides: one bright, one dark, both with heart-pounding spirals all the way to the bottom!

Height Requirement: 42”+

Tubular Tornado

Start by swirling around a bowl, 42’ above the ground. Swirl through a combination of darkness and light before being flushed down the final spout!

Height Requirement: 42”+

Dueling Splash Blasters

Our most popular attraction and the only true water coaster in the park is family-friendly! Share a tube with your kiddo who is 42 inches or up and experience this high-tech thriller that will get your heart racing and your hair soaked!

Height Requirement: 42”+

The best family vacation starts with a waterpark that truly understands family. And where better to plan that vacation than at the best water park in Texas? We guarantee a great time for everyone – ages 1 to 100 (and beyond)! Ready for a trip? Buy your waterpark tickets online to breeze through the gates!