Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe on a Campground

Pet-Friendly Campground - Splashway

Many pet owners are sad that they can’t take their furry friends with them when they travel. However, when you plan a trip to your local campground, you can easily vacation with your dog. A quick search for “pet-friendly campgrounds near me” is an easy way to find places where you can bring your dog camping. With some careful planning and considerations, you and your pet can have great fun camping together. Here are some tips to ensure the best, safest trip for you both.

Always Keep Your Dog with You on the Campground

Even the best-behaved dogs need to be attended at all times when camping. On a campground, there are many sights and smells that can cause your dog to be more excited than normal. They may be more likely to wander off or get hurt because of all the stimulating things around them. For example, allowing your dog to get too close to the fire could result in a burnt tail or worse. Therefore, it’s important to keep your dog on a leash and near you while camping. A great way to accomplish this without having to hold the leash the entire time is to bring a stake with you to tie their leash to. This way, you can wander about your campground site, cook food, and otherwise enjoy yourself without having your hands full.

Many pets experience anxiety when left alone. Even if you think they will be safe locked inside your RV, try not to leave your dog alone in the RV campground. Anxious dogs can damage your belongings or suffer from negative health effects when left alone. Additionally, it will be much more fun for both you and your pet if they can tag along on your adventures.

Invest in a Pet First Aid Kit

While your pet-friendly campground is a safe environment, accidents do sometimes happen. Therefore, make sure to bring a pet first aid kit with you when camping with your dog. When shopping for this kit, make sure it includes a dog-specific first aid book so you can take care of your furry friend if anything happens. It’s also a good idea to keep an up-to-date copy of their vaccination records inside. Be sure to include some treats they like in case you need to distract your dog while adhering a bandage. A pet first aid kit can help you feel more at ease and prepared on your campground.

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