Beginner’s Guide to Camping

You might’ve heard that summer is camping season, but we strongly disagree! When the cooler weather rolls in, that’s the best time to get outside and enjoy nature without breaking a sweat in the Southern Texas heat! Camping isn’t everyone’s glass of sweet tea, but those people just haven’t been camping at the Splashway Campground. Our campground is perfect for campers of all levels, nature novice or ecological expert. For all you beginner campers out there, here’s a guide to all you need to know about camping with us at Splashway!

Step 1: Pick your perfect campsite!

Our Campground has 3 options to fit your family’s needs. Which one is right for you?

Tent Camping: the traditional form of camping to get you attuned with the great outdoors while sleeping under the stars! This is the most budget-friendly option as bringing your own supplies definitely cuts down costs. But, if it’s your first time out of the big city, tent camping could be overwhelming. While we do provide bathrooms, showers, and running water, you’d need to bring everything else, even the tent! And while fall nights are nice and cool, there’s no A/C to ensure a comfortable night.

RV Camping: like your home on wheels! Chances are if your family already owns an RV, you’re in love with RV camping! It’s the perfect middle-ground between traditional camping and modernized glamping. This is another budget-friendly option as you would be responsible for bringing your supplies on the road with you. However, RVs are a tight squeeze! There may not be enough room for larger families.

Cabins/Cottages: luxurious option for the amenities lover in the heart of Splashway Campground! Our standing structures come with all the fun of city-living with outdoor activities surrounded by natural beauty. Cottages are ideal for single families who want comfy beds and access to appliances like a microwave, coffeemaker, and satellite TV. Have a larger family or planning a group trip? Definitely opt for our cabins, that come with more beds, a fully equipped kitchen, a screened-in porch, and so much more!

Step 2: Know the hacks.

Be prepared to handle anything and everything, because you never know what you might need while you’re outdoors.

1. Pick the right equipment for your campsite. Tenting? Make sure to pack sleeping bags, blankets, campfire stoves, etc.

2. Pack the essentials! Making the perfect packing list can seem like a big task, but we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might need at a campground!

3. Get ready to cook outdoors! Every one of our campsites come equipped with a fire ring, so now you just need to know how to build the perfect fire and prep your recipes for quick and delicious meals.

4. Brush up on your stargazing. You’ll see some true beauty in the night sky, but it’s more fun when you know what you’re looking at.

5. Learn some good campfire stories to give the kids a well-hearted fright! If you need some quick, more spooky than scary tales, we’ve got you covered!

6. Pick a campground that does the hard work for you. At Splashway Campground, we’ve got amenities galore to enjoy the entire weekend! And, if you forget an essential, our fully stocked Camp Store has your back.

Step 3: Book Your Dream Camping Trip!

Don’t be intimidated! Reconnect with yourself and your family in beautiful Southern Texas. All you have to do is book, and we’ll handle the rest!