4 Benefits of Winter Camping

Splashway Campground is open all year round because we know you deserve a family camping trip in any season! Don’t let the idea of cold turn you off camping in winter – that’s what campfires are for! Before you decide it’s not for you, read through our reasons why winter camping in Texas is a great way to bond with your family.

Health Benefits

It might seem counter-intuitive to think colder weather can have health benefits, but being outside can really combat Seasonal Affective Disorder. Less sunshine hours per day means less Vitamin D intake, which can drain energy and be a real mood-killer. A weekend outside can boost your Vitamin D and whisk away those winter blues!

Also, if you’re struggling to sleep, recent research shows that just one weekend of winter camping can reset your body clock to rise with the sun and feel tired when the sun sets to get your sleep schedule back on track! Not to mention the peaceful quiet of Splashway Campground and lack of light pollution makes for the perfect place to hibernate away and catch up on your Z’s.

Escape the Crowds

You and your family can enjoy a crowd-free camping experience with not as many folks out and about during winter. Less people will make it easier to do any one of our activities, like biking, hiking, fishing, or playing laser tag!

No Need for Bug Spray

We can all agree mosquitos are the worst, but did you know that during the winter mosquitos go into bulk-up mode, a hibernation-like state? That’s right- when the temperatures drop, the mosquitos stop mating and chill out for the cold season. Plus, if you have any kiddos who are squeamish around bugs in general, there aren’t as many creepy crawlies to make them nervous about the great outdoors, making winter a perfect time to explore.

Discounted Camping Rates

Enjoy the same campground fun at a lower price! The price tag alone is enough to entice folks to try winter camping. You can book any one of our camping options at a discount online right now! This applies to cabins, cottages, RV sites, tent sites, and bunkhouses – anyway you like to camp, we’ve got the perfect site for you!

So that’s more quiet time, more wildlife, more family time with less people, less bugs, and for less money? Sounds like winter camping is an all-around win! We can’t wait to see you at Splashway Campground soon. Check out our upcoming weekend themes here to see what your family can expect from a winter camping trip to Splashway Campground!