How to Make the Most of Your Day to Splashway

Hope you don’t mind, but we planned your whole day for you! We’re experts in family vacations, which is why we want to help you plan a stress-free day at Splashway! Here are our personal tips and tricks to have a perfect day at our waterpark and campground.

Buy Your Tickets Online

When you buy waterpark tickets online, you’re not only saving time by not having to wait in lines at the gate, you’re also saving some cash! Online prices are always cheaper, so it pays to plan ahead! Skip the ticket lines at the gate and wet your pants faster!

Book a Cabana in Advance

Like we said, it pays to plan ahead. With limited rentals, we recommend booking your private cabana right after buying your waterparks tickets. Because seriously, who wouldn’t want their own shaded, full-service slice of paradise? Cabanas can accommodate up to 10 guests and come with electrical outlets, plush seating and lounge chairs, a cabana server, and more! (With the exception of standard cabanas.)

Pick a Family Meeting Place

Being prepared is always the best way to ensure a stress-free family trip. Get your group together and pick a family meeting place to ensure no one gets lost in the park. Cabanas are located all over the park and make a great family home base to check-in. And, if you want a meeting place near the slides and splash pools, check out our downloadable maps to pick a spot as a family before arriving. We recommend the Ray statue by the flagpole!

Sunscreen is a MUST!

Bring plenty of sunscreen so no one is feeling the burn half-way through the day! We recommend applying your preferred SPF at least 20 minutes before getting wet (after your gift shop visit while you wait for the gates to open is the PERFECT time). Don’t forget to reapply, either! During family check-ins at your preferred meeting place, put on another layer of SPF protection. Experts agree reapplying every 1-2 hours will ensure a burn-free bod.

Early Birds Catch the Best Waves

We recommend arriving early to allow time for parking and regrouping. Early birds can hang out in our revamped gift shop before the gate opens to stock up on Splashway merch or purchase necessities that didn’t make it in the car! The earlier you arrive, the more time you have to waddle in the wave pool and ride thrilling water coasters! Arriving before opening means you’ll be prepared to settle down, sunscreen up, and start your fun day right away! Splashway opens at 10:00 AM Monday-Saturday and 12:00 PM on Sundays.

Treat Yo’ Self

While we do allow coolers in the park, definitely plan to splurge on a delicious treat, like a homemade funnel cake or some refreshing Dippin Dots! We also have several eateries in the park serving up summertime faves, like specialty burgers, corndogs, and made-to-order pizzas!

Dry Off at the Campground

To round off the day, head on over to Splashway Campground for a game of putt-putt or laser tag so everyone can dry off before the drive home. If tummies start to rumble, head on over to The Hideaway for a bite to eat at our new restaurant, opening this summer!

Well, there you have it! Consider this your family fun checklist! Are you ready to Wet Your Pants? Get started, NOW!