Splashway To Hire 500+ “Family Members”

Splashway To Hire

500+ Team Members

Splashway Waterpark & Campground will hire and train more than 500 employees for the summer season! As a family destination in the middle of rural Colorado County, Splashway relies on surrounding communities to provide the friendly staff they are known for. If you read their reviews, it’s clear that they are considered the Chick-fil-a and Buc-ee’s of waterparks. General Manager and park owner Carl Blahuta credit their winning culture to the incredible team members he calls “family” that work at the facility. “Our family members create the WOW experience at Splashway,” states Blahuta.

Splashway has a job for everyone from 14 to 84! They employ high school and college students, teachers and coaches, retirees, and those just looking to work a handful of days a week. Before, many believed that Splashway only hired kids, but Splashway has found great value in folks who have experience in life. “Our adult workers are a significant part of our operations, and the relationships they build with each other and the younger family members are so awesome,” said Blahuta. With a waterpark and campground that host guests from all over the state of Texas, Splashway has been able to provide a unique summer job for anyone that is looking to get paid while having fun. Whether a lifeguard, a member of the campground team, a part of the office team taking reservations, bartending, or simply greeting guests as they enter the park, there is a place for you at Splashway. The best part is no experience is necessary. “We provide all of the training and certifications that are needed to work here. So often people express interest closer to summer, but what they don’t realize is that we start training at the end of March,” Blahuta says. Splashway invests in the development of its team by bringing in professional speakers, elite industry trainers as well as seasoned leadership that has been working for the company for nearly 20 years to train their staff. Sacred Heart Hallettsville Principal, season pass holder, camper, and father of a Splashway family member states, “You won’t believe the life skills they train their staff from guest service to leadership. My students and child have learned more by working at Splashway than I could have ever imagined”.

If transportation or the distance to Sheridan is a deterrent for you, rest assured they’ve been working on that as well. Splashway has partnered with Lavaca Transit and Colorado Valley Transit to offer affordable transportation for their employees from the communities of Hallettsville, Columbus, and Eagle Lake. “As gas prices continue to increase and the fact that some of our team doesn’t have a driver’s license, we are excited to offer this program,” says Blahuta. Whether you want to save on travel expenses or your child needs a reliable source of transportation, be sure to let them know soon. Space is limited.

APPLY NOW! Don’t miss the training opportunity. Applications are live at www.JoinSplashway.com. The deadline to apply for a summer job is March 9th. They will host a “Meet Your Job” Fair from 2pm – 4pm on Sunday, February 26th, at the waterpark for parents and applicants to learn more about the different jobs. A hiring bash to include interviews takes place on March 12th.

Last summer, Splashway added four award-winning slides, RV sites, and premium bungalows. This season the campground will see the addition of King cabins and vacation rentals. As Splashway continues to grow, they add more jobs boosting the local economy. Their vision is to be the best family destination in Texas. What started as a company with two full-time employees has turned into 60 plus year-round and over 500 seasonal employees. You might be surprised that Splashway isn’t just a summer destination. Many seasonal “family members” have found part-time positions with the company throughout the year, as the campground hosts events and festivals nearly every weekend from Halloween to Easter. In addition to the campground, The Hideaway restaurant is open all year with live music and local artists performing every Friday and Saturday night. To learn more about Splashway, visit www.Splashway.com or scan the QR code in their ad this edition.

Article by Matt Tice, Director of Guest Relations