New Year, New RV Hacks for Better Mobile Camping

Here’s an easy resolution if you don’t have one already: plan a family RV trip for 2020! Make sure your RV is in tip-top shape before you head off on your mobile adventures this year. Follow these tips to organize, update, clean, and pest-control your RV for a new year of better camping trips with your family!

Organize It!

Organize to optimize your vacation time! Spend less time worrying about whether you remembered to pack x, y, and z by using organizational baskets and bins so everything in your cabinets has a sturdy place!

Need more storage? Use your wall space! Consider using command hooks for jackets, blankets, bags – you name it!

To save on space and update your decor, consider looking at furniture and appliances with built-in storage and pieces with space-saver potential, like using a collapsible laundry hamper as a wastebasket, or a camp-themed stool that doubles as a storage container!

Update It!

You don’t need to break the bank to get a fresh new look inside your RV! Create a stylish backsplash in your kitchen with peel-n-stick sheets. Pick any design for an updated space in less than an hour! Or, add cute contact paper to drawers and cabinets for a complete kitchen makeover.

Want a little more light? Rip out those blinds and window valances to maximize natural light. Then, replace the blinds with curtains or roller shades for an updated and fresh look!

Keep It Clean!

Keep your tank clean with a DIY tank cleaner! Mix ½ cups of a water-based softener and ½ cups of a water-based detergent. The softener prevents waste buildup while the detergent eliminates odor.

Keep your RV mildew free by reducing moisture all year long! Run your AC in humid environments, keep windows and doors open during the cooler months, and invest in some moisture-absorbing packets for your storage areas, closets, or bathrooms.

Finally, Keep It Pest-Free!

Pine-Sol is more than just a way to keep your floors clean! When you arrive at a new campsite, wipe down your outdoor fold-out furniture, as well as your RV windows and doorways with Pine-Sol to keep pesky flies from buzzing around.

Speaking of creeper critters, spraying a mix of peppermint oil and water around windows and in your undercarriage storage helps keep spiders at bay!


We can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the place on your next RV visit to Splashway Campground! Share your before and after pictures with us on Facebook or Instagram with #SplashwayRV!