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Mommy Approved! Jill Jarvis Says “Splashway is Perfect for Families”

Splashway Waterpark & Campground is our very favorite Houston-area waterpark.  It’s a big park, but it’s not TOO big.   There is plenty to do for my 11, 9, 6 and 1 year olds… but it is not too big for mom to supervise.

Not only this, but Splashway is perfect for families.  Which other waterpark has frequent calls over the intercom asking kids to check in with their parents?  Where else does someone accidentally bump into you and actually stop to apologize and make sure everything is okay?  And who else stops everything at 1:00 pm, every day, for the national anthem?

AND, the only thing we like better than visiting this waterpark is staying in the cabins while we are there.  We swim all day and build campfires, play horseshoes, mini golf and laser tag all evening!

Splashway Waterpark & Campground invited us out again this summer, and we had the very best time.  We’ve now been for a one-night waterpark trip, for a winter camping trip… and now we have spent four days at the waterpark and campgrounds.  All the trips have been great, but the long summer trip was AMAZING.

We could wake up, casually eat breakfast, walk over to the waterpark, go down all our favorites before the crowds arrived… head back to the cabin for breaks… and back to the swim in the afternoon.  The evenings were filled with campfires, outdoor movies, golf, laser tag, corn hole, playgrounds, horseshoes and more.

The kids got to do all the fun camp activities and play at the waterpark… and I got to have everyone together and away from the distractions at home.

AND I like that big families can stay comfortably and for not a ton of money.  At hotels, a family of six is supposed to pay extra for two of the kids or get two rooms or just quietly cram everyone in. At Splashway you can bring the family plus grandma plus some friends and all stay together.

This trip was definitely a highlight of our summer so far.  Our week happened to be a very busy week at the waterpark, but with our cabin, cabana and multiple day tickets, we did not mind. We had plenty of time for everything… and when things go too busy, we found something different to do.

I have been asking the kids their favorite part of the vacation… and all they can tell me is EVERYTHING!  And they want to know when we will go back!

This blog was written by Jill Jarvis of Big Kid Small City. To read more about Jill’s most recent trip to Splashway, visit her full post!