5 Ways to Use Splash Cash at Splashway Waterpark

What is a Splash Cash wristband? It’s the best way to keep all of your purchases hands-free on your trip to Splashway Waterpark! There are two ways to add money to your Splash Cash band – either with a set budget (great for kids!) or by tying it directly to your card. There’s no minimum spend required so you can tailor Splash Cash directly to your needs. But, what exactly can you use it on? The opportunities are endless! Here are just 5 ways your can use Splash Cash at Splashway Waterpark.

#1 – Tickets & Buddy Tickets

While it cannot be redeemed for online purchases, you can use it towards your day of fun! Use your Splash Cash at the gate to purchase tickets or, if you’re a Season Pass holder, Buddy Tickets.

#2 – Food, Food, & More Food

Splash Cash can be used at any register in the waterpark, including all in-park eateries. Place your order and present your Splash Cash band to scan, pay, and go!

#3 – Souvenir Cup Refills

This is when giving your kids their own Splash Cash band can really come in handy! Take your souvenir cup and wristband to any in-park refill station and scan to pay all day.

#4 – Splashway Souvenirs

That’s right, your Splash Cash can be redeemed in the Gift Shops, too! Whether you need a waterproof phone case, an extra bottle of sunscreen, or just really have to have one of our coveted Ray shirts, Splash Cash is the easiest way to pay!

#5 – Laser Tag & Putt Putt

If you haven’t tried our outdoor Putt Putt or Laser Tag courses, you’re missing out! Use the Camp entrance next to the Dueling Splash Blasters to swing by the Adventure Station, flash your Splash Cash band, and grab your equipment!

These are the most popular ways to use Splash Cash, but there are plenty more! Check out everything you need to know about Splash Cash here and buy yours online or in the park on your next visit.