Water Safety Tips

Splashway Waterpark - Water Safety Tips

At Splashway Waterpark, our number one focus is FAMILY. In Texas, and especially during the summer, water safety is an important matter and one we take very seriously. While we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure your family’s safety when you visit, every member of your family should be aware of at least the basic water safety guidelines. Read these tips and stay vigilant about educating yourself and your family about water safety this summer.

1. Wear a lifejacket!

Splashway always offers free lifejackets for everyone. Even if you or your child is a little familiar with the water already, it is always better to be on the safe side. Remember never to rely on life jackets alone, however. 

2. Goggles are great!

Keep them on when underwater, and use goggles with a nosepiece if necessary. Rinse them with cold water afterward to remove chlorine or sand, and leave them out to air dry before putting them back in a bag.

3. Use earplugs if necessary! 

If you or your child has sensitive ears, opt for earplugs to keep water out and prevent Swimmer’s Ear.

4. Keep your kids close!

When it comes to your child’s safety, nothing is better than the watchful eye of a parent!

5. Use sunscreen!

Be sure to apply 30 minutes before swimming, and in a cool environment. Reapply every two hours throughout the day to prevent harmful sunburn!

6. Listen to the lifeguards.

If you ever need any assistance, do not hesitate ask our lifeguards. Our guards are great, but with your watchful eye, they can be even better!

7. Know when to call for help.

Seconds count in preventing accidents. Know when to recognize the need to call for assistance, and never hesitate in doing so. 

8. Establish rules with your family before anyone enters the water. 

Make sure everyone is on the same page regarding where children can play, and establish regular meeting times at your table.

 9. Check out Colin’s Hope for more water safety resources including tips, games, and materials.