Splashway Guests

Splashway is “The Perfect Summer Getaway” Says Mom, Jill Jarvis

As I sat by the pedal carts and watched families cooking dinner on campfires and kids riding bikes around the cabins, RVs and playgrounds… I thought I might just be in a feel-good All-American movie.

Behind me, the big waterpark had just closed for the day and in front of me were my kids on pedal carts, riding around the campground. The sun was going down and we were busy riding the bikes, playing mini golf, competing at laser tag and kayaking before making our own campfire.

Visiting Splashway Waterpark and Campground is always a highlight of our summer. We drive just an hour past Katy… but get away from it all. We spend a few days swimming, playing, cooking and eating together… without all the distractions at home.


Splashway Waterpark is perfect for families. Which other waterpark has frequent calls over the intercom asking kids to check in with their parents?  Where else does someone accidentally bump into you and actually stop to apologize and make sure everything is okay?  And who else stops everything at 1:00 pm, every day, for the national anthem?

The waterpark is big, but not TOO big. There are plenty of big slides for the 12, 10 and 7 year old… lots of little slides for the 2 year old… but it’s all small enough for mom to supervise. I can wait at the base of the slides, in a toddler pool, while the big kids race down.

My kids like this place so much, they have been making plans to stay there all summer long. I hope they figure something out because I’d also like to have a never-ending All-American summer block party.

Jill’s full experience, including great tips for both the waterpark and campground, can be found here.