Camping – Why it’s the Best Vacation for Your Family

If you’ve never been camping with your family before, the idea of it may sound a little intimidating. We’re here to tell you about all of the benefits of packing up the family and venturing to the great outdoors for your next family vacation!

Bond with your family.

One of the greatest appeals of camping is getting away from your daily distractions and focusing on the moment. Take some time to put away the email, video games, and social media and replace them with activities like hiking, fishing, or star gazing. When you eliminate those distractions, you’ll find yourself slowing down and connecting more with those around you.

Make lasting memories.

Facing the great outdoors is a great way to make memories together. Camping together is a great way to teach your children new things, like how to bait a line or start a fire for the grill. It’s also a great way to play together. Get outside and explore, try new things, and be a kid again! Try some of the traditional camping fun, like making smores or storytelling around the fire at night. Don’t forget to bring your camera! You’ll want to capture the fun and have something to look back on down the road.

Get back to nature.

When’s the last time your family counted the stars or watched the sunset pour through the trees? It’s easy to forget how naturally beautiful this world is when you live in a concrete jungle. Getting back to nature can help your children develop an appreciation for keeping the world clean and picking up after themselves.

Do it on your budget.

Maybe the best part about camping is being able to do it on your budget. With a little meal planning and a well-packed cooler, you’re already cutting down on the major costs of vacationing. Plus, staying at a place like Splashway, there are tons of amenities to take advantage of! Volleyball courts, hiking, fishing, outdoor games, kayaking, live music – all of these are things you can find on a weekend at Splashway.

If you’re still nervous about trying it out, consider renting a cabin. Our cabins have beds, AC, a full kitchen with cookware and dinnerware included, and even Direct TV (sometimes, you just need a fix!).

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