How To Take Instagram Worthy Photos on your Trip to Splashway

Ever catch yourself daydreaming about the vacations that fill your Instagram feed? Well stop daydreaming – it’s time you write your own adventure! No plane ticket required. Your adventure is what YOU want it to be and whether that is 3,000 miles from home or just down highway 90 at Splashway, doesn’t matter. What’s important is that the smiles are endless and the memories full of joy. At Splashway, we pride ourselves on creating just that – an unmatched family vacation experience. We have all of the pieces for your next photo op, and now we’re giving you tips on how to perfectly capture your family’s next vacation.

Justify It!

We have a tendency to make images very symmetrical, lining up our subject in the dead center of the field of vision. Next time, move that lense a little off center and place your subject toward one of the corners. You’ll be surprised how much more eye-catching an image becomes when you break from the framing norms. Nature shots can be particularly breathtaking and we have endless backdrop options at our campgrounds. 😉

Don’t Break It Before You Make It

Protect your device! Water park action shots are awesome, but sometimes that involves getting into the action yourself. Make sure your phone has a strong case, preferably one that’s waterproof. Then you’ll be ready to capture the exhilaration of our newest ride, the Loco Mono, as you fly through its tunnels, or catch a wave – literally- in Texas’ largest wave pool!

Zoom Doom

Avoid the zoom! Cell phone zoom options aren’t quite as clear as a true camera would be. Instead of grainier images, which tend to be less appealing, try shooting the same subject from different positions and distances. Or, if you have the newest iPhone, try out the “Portrait” setting!

Shine Bright

Lighting is everything. Take your light source into consideration. Is it bright and sunny or overcast? Early morning or the golden hour? What direction is your light coming from and how is it impacting your subject? More often than not, the more light you have the better your picture will turn out! If your background is gloomy, there’s always an Insta filter to fix it!

Mom’s Just Wanna Have Fun

Lastly – just remember to have fun with it! Use a filter, or don’t – it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, your photos are meant to capture your memories. Children grow up but a perfect capture can freeze that one moment in time for you to relive forever.

Ready to put your new Instagram photography skills to the test? Join us for Opening Weekend at the best waterpark in Texas – Splashway! Or, spend the whole summer with us! Check out our 2018 season pass sale before May 31st.

P.S. Don’t forget to share your photos with us! We love seeing memories made at Splashway in our feed. Use #Splashway2019 #GetawaytoSplashway #MySplashwayFamily when uploading them online.