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DIY Tie-Dye Patterns For Colorful Summer Fun

Tie-dye clothing is a summer trend that’s lasted through the decades, and for good reason! DIY tie-dye is a great way to up-cycle an old shirt, tank top, or dress into a colorful statement piece that says you’re ready for peace, love, & summer fun! But before you think YIKES, ISN’T IT MESSY—we’re one step ahead of you! Before you try these tie-dye patterns with the kids, check out this informative blog for tips on tie-dying with younger kids. With a little bit of prep-work, you’ll up your style game in a creative way that’s fun for the whole family.

With that in mind, the main things you need are:

  • Dye (Tulip is a popular brand with moms for its vibrant colors and easy to use kits!)
  • Rubber bands
  • Magic markers (for complicated designs)
  • Ziplock bags
  • Imagination

Easy: Bullseye/Sunshine

A tie-dye classic, the bullseye (also known as the sun design) is the perfect pattern to make a sunset backdrop, or give a shout-out to our mascot, Ray! Get the steps here!

Easy: Watermelon

This watermelon tie dye pattern is sweet as can be! It only takes two colors to turn a tank-top into a summer-ready staple. Get the steps here!

Intermediate: Classic Swirl

Throw up a peace sign with this classic design! Your kids will be saying “groovy baby!” in no time. Slightly different technique from the first three, this design gets its swirl by twisting the fabric and wrapping it tightly with rubber bands in a star-pattern.

Intermediate: Mermaid Scales

A watercolor wonder every little girl will want! Keep in mind this pattern requires tacky glue to draw the scale design, but the extra step makes all the difference. Get the steps here!

Expert: Peace-Sign Swirl

This technique is unique because it requires some serious folding skills, but it’s the perfect pattern to show off your peaceful side! Get the steps here!

Expert: Turtle

While this design is a little intimidating, the following video shows exactly what you need to make a tie-dye terrapin! What you’ll definitely need is time and patience to make this sea turtle perfection! Watch the video here!