Top 5 Snacks & Sweets to Try at Splashway Waterpark

In between all of your WET YOUR PANTS fun at Splashway Waterpark, you may find yourself craving a little something to keep your energy up! Lucky for you, we’ve added the brand new Shark Bites Snack Shack where you can grab a quick, tasty treat anytime of day! They’re so fast, you won’t miss a beat of your summer fun! Here are our top 5 picks of bites you should try when you swing by Shark Bites Snack Shack!

Famous Funnel Cake 

If you haven’t tried one of our scratch-made funnel cakes yet, you are MISSING OUT! These crispy and delicious fan favorites can be topped your way with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, strawberry syrup, or powdered sugar!

Mini Chicken Taquitos 

This crispy Texas-fave always hits the spot! A little bit of crunch, a good bit of chicken, and a whole lot of YUMMY!

Mac & Cheese Bites

What’s better than mac and cheese? FRIED MAC AND CHEESE! Try our crispy bite-sized fried mac and cheese bites, the perfect combo of creamy cheese and crispy goodness!


What Texan doesn’t love nachos? Shark Bites is ready to serve up your nachos with gooey cheese sauce, pickled jalapeños, chili, and more! The perfect afternoon snack to share, though we wouldn’t blame you if you kept them all to yourself.

Cheese Sticks

And finally, the perfect snack for on the go! Our hot, gooey cheese sticks are the perfect snack to have while you walk over for a round of putt putt, wait for your fresh-made pizza from Beachside Pizzeria, or browse the gift shop for the latest Ray swag!

Try all of these and more at the new Shark Bites Snack Shack, located near the info booth!