What is Splash Cash and Why Should I Try It?

If you’ve been to Splashway Waterpark in the last few years, you’ve probably seen signs for “Splash Cash” or gotten emails about our awesome Bonus Bucks deals! If you’re late to jump on the Splash Cash bandwagon, you should definitely give it a try on your next visit! Learn below how using Splash Cash can make your family’s vacation that much easier!

What is Splash Cash?

Splash Cash is our in-park, hands-free payment system that allows you to preload a set amount onto a scannable wristband so you can scan to pay at any register in both the waterpark and campground. The best part is, there is no minimum amount required! You can load as little or as much as you’d like for your family’s trip.

What can Splash Cash be used to purchase?

Splash Cash can be used towards any on-site purchase in both the waterpark and campground!


  • Food and drinks at any in-park eatery or concession stand!
  • Merchandise and souvenirs from the gift shops!
  • Locker rentals!
  • Souvenir cup refills at any refill station!
  • Tickets & Buddy Tickets on-site!


  • Any amenities or attractions, like putt putt, pedal carts, and more!
  • Camp Store purchases, including souvenirs and travel necessities!
  • Breakfast, coffee, or treats from The Hideaway Express!
  • Lunch or dinner at The Hideaway!

Does Splash Cash Expire?

NO! Splash Cash NEVER expires! As long as you have the band, you have the Splash Cash!

Can my kids use Splash Cash?

Absolutely! If you want your kids to get their own souvenir cup refills this summer, get them a Splash Cash band of their own and load any desired amount, no minimum required.

How do I try it?

On your next visit to Splashway Waterpark and Campground, simply visit the Guest Service Lobby, Camp Store, or Info Booth! They’ll register your Splash Cash band, load it up with your desired amount, and you’ll be good to scan and pay all day! You can bring this band back to any of these stations to add more money or replace your band if lost. (If you’re a Season Pass holder, see below how you can load up your Season Pass wristband NOW with Splash Cash!)

I’m a Season Pass holder, do I need a Splash Cash band? 

Nope! You can load Splash Cash directly onto your Season Pass band and, as an added perk, you can load your band remotely! Just use your smartphone’s camera to scan the barcode on your wristband. This will prompt you to open a webpage where you choose the amount to load and complete your checkout. BAM! You’ve just added Splash Cash to your Season Pass band! You can do this anytime, anywhere, all year long.