Adventure Guide for the Young and Young-At-Heart

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? Before technology was in everyone’s pockets and virtual sought to replace reality? When your imagination was your only tool and capable of creating spectacular worlds, filled with adventure and thrill, all in your own backyard? We wonder if kids these days have the same sense of adventure we did when we were young. That’s why we’re challenging you and your family to get outside and explore the wonders of your imaginations! To get started, here are a few scenarios to kick-start the imagination and turn you all into young adventurers.

Scavenger Badge

Use only your map and your wits to guide you through the wilderness on your hunt for precious artifacts. Scavenge them all to complete your mission and find the treasure at the end of your hunt.

Sea-Worthy Badge

Conquer the waves aboard a kayak and paddle your way through deep blue waters! Be careful not to wake the monster lurking in its depths…

First Man Badge

Build a roaring campfire like the cavemen once did and share stories of triumphs as you roast dinner (or s’mores) over an open flame.

Reel Master Badge

Take to the deep blue waters of the fishing pond and reel in a big one! Once you have marveled at his size, release him back into the wild to swim in peace.

Galactic Explorer Badge

Gaze up at the stars on a dark, clear night and marvel at the wonders of our universe. How would you navigate a spaceship through a meteor shower? What will you bring to with you on your journey to discover planets unknown?

Storyteller Badge

Gather your fellow companions around a roaring fire and captivate their attention with stories of monsters and ghouls you’ve conquered.

Adventure awaits at Splashway. Are you ready?