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DIY Camping Tips

Summer isn’t over yet! To help you enjoy these last few weekends of summer, Splashway is offering very special camping specials! Find a list of the specials here. And to help you get ready for your camping trip with us, we’ve done our research and compiled a list of some of our favorite camping tips from the world wide web. Whether you’re camping in a tent, an RV, or even one of Splashway’s cabins or cozy cottages, these genius camping hacks are sure to make your camping experience even more enjoyable!

1. Freeze gallon water jugs to use in coolers instead of bagged ice.

You can always use them as drinking water later!

2. Store grocery bags in a Lysol wipes container. 

Watch a YouTube tutorial showing how easy this can be! You can even wrap the outside in scrapbook paper for decorative appeal.

3. Use a shoe organizer for cooking items. 

This will keep all your items off the ground and organized for easy retrieval!  Simply hang it on the side of a pop-up tent or anything similar.

4. Use foam floor tiles for a softer tent floor. 


5. Store toilet paper in a coffee can. 

Simply cut a slit in the side to feed the toilet paper through!

6. Store Q-tips in an empty pill bottle. 


7. Bring shower caps to store dirty shoes. 

These shower caps are inexpensive and can be found at your nearest grocery or cosmetic store. Especially handy for shower flip-flops, this hack will keep your dirty or muddy shoes from touching other items when packing.

8. Place charcoal briquettes in a cardboard egg carton for an easy fire-starter! 


9. Use empty tic-tac containers for storing small items: matches, bobby pins, pills, the options are endless! 

(When storing matches, glue sandpaper to the top of the container to use when lighting!)

And finally, here’s an Ultimate Camping Checklist printable for your purposes! (Found on bring-the-kids.com.) We also sell various items in our camp office should you forget any essentials.

By: Kristen Henke