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Reese’s Frappuccino Recipe (Plus Kid-Friendly Version!)

A twist on the classic chocolate frappuccino, this Reese’s Frappe is delicious and easy to make! Add a shot of espresso for a little perk-up or leave it out to make it kid-friendly! Check out the recipe below and try it at home.


Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
4 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (Break Into Chunks)
Whipped Cream
1 Shot of Espresso
½ Cup of Whole Milk (Or Milk of Choice)
¾ Cup of Ice
1 Scoop of Frappucino Powder


Add 3/4 cup of ice, 1 scoop frappuccino powder, 1/2 cup of milk, 1 shot of espresso, and 3 tablespoons of chocolate syrup to your blender and blend until smooth. Optional: Add some Reese’s chunks to the blender as well for more chocolate-peanut butter goodness!

Pour your blended mixture into a tall glass and top with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and lots of Reese’s chunks! The only thing left to do is ENJOY!

This seasonal favorite can be found at The Hideaway Express during the fall season. Keep an eye on social media for more seasonal drinks!