Where to Find the Ray Statues in Splashway Waterpark

No trip to Splashway Waterpark is complete without a family photo with Ray! If you miss him dancing by the wavepool, don’t worry! We have Ray statues scattered across the waterpark and campground that are always available for family photo ops!

Bronze Ray

As you’re walking up to our grand entrance, take a detour before you head right to the gate! Out front, you’ll find Bronze Ray where you can snap your first family photo. Under the shade of our big leafy tree, this makes for a sweet photo op before your day of WET YOUR PANTS fun.

Lifeguard Ray 

The waves are calling and so is Lifeguard Ray! Head down to the wavepool to see our most esteemed lifeguard safely watching over the wavepool. Snap your family’s photo here and you’ve got 2 down and 2 to go!

Lazy River Ray

Before you grab your tube, head to the Lazy River entrance by the WE ARE FAMILY wave pool and find the Lazy River Ray! You’ll recognize him by his orange rays and big sunglasses. Snap a photo with your family and you’re almost done!

Surfin’ Ray

Head over to Beachside Pizzeria to grab your last Ray photo! You’ll know you’re close when you can smell the delicious pizza and spot Surfin’ Ray’s board. Snap your family’s photo and don’t forget to share to social and tag us @Splashway!