6 Ways Splashway Waterpark Caters to Moms

We can all agree that “Mom knows best,” but Splashway knows best when it comes to moms! When we say Splashway is family-friendly, we don’t just mean it’s friendly for kids, but for parents too. While your little ones are running around having the time of their life, you can kick back and relax. You work hard all day, every day! But, when you’re at Splashway, we’ve got you covered. Here are 6 ways we make sure mom is always taken care of at Splashway.

Safety FIRST!

We’re experts in family vacations, and we know the number one reason moms are hesitant to let their kids run wild is safety concerns. We have you and your little ones covered! Splashway ALWAYS has top-notch lifeguards on duty at each slide and play-area who are constantly on the lookout for signs of distress, in or out of the water! Our lifeguards are also trained to calmly assist kids who appear lost or frazzled. And, as an added bonus, all water safety equipment like lifejackets and tubes are free of charge because you can’t put a price on safety.

Relaxing & Convenient Rest Areas (especially for nursing moms!)

Speaking of relaxing, we know exactly what moms want out of their day at Splashway. Our full-service Cabanas come with lounge chairs for the ultimate shade or tanning spot. While you spritz on your sunscreen, enjoy a slice of shaded paradise underneath your own Cabana while the kids run around to all the slides. Nursing mothers get an extra comfort level in Splashway’s Nursing Rooms, so you can nurse in air-conditioned peace, quiet, and privacy!

Cooler-Friendly for Mom-Friendly Food

While Splashway has lots of yummy food options, like fresh hamburgers and homemade funnel cakes, we understand if the kid-friendly fare isn’t your style. We allow coolers not only at the campground, but inside the waterpark as well, so you can bring food that fits your dietary restrictions and preferences for easy, hassle-free meals!

Non-Stop Fun Means Non-Stop Relaxing

Splashway has over a dozen slides, rides, and play areas to keep kids of all ages busy all day long! Whether they’re waiting to ride the new Dueling Splashblaster slide or hanging with our mascot Ray, the kids will be occupied so you can sit back and relax! Our full-service cabanas make a perfect home base where you can lounge in style. Set up a time for your kids to check in with you, not the other way around! Setting check-in boundaries builds trust and helps kids practice accountability.

Put the Credit Card Away With Splash Cash

Now, if you’re thinking “well, I’d still need to stay by my child’s side in case they need something!” we’re already one step ahead of you! With Splash Cash, you can give your kids a set amount of money they can use at Splashway’s many eateries or at the gift shop. If they need to fuel-up on Dippin Dots before taking on the Loco Mono slide, refill their souvenir cup, or want a cool Splashway t-shirt, they can just scan and pay with their Splash Cash wristband! Splash Cash not only teaches kids about setting budgets, but it means fewer interruptions on your relaxing day.


Splashway is, without a doubt, the CLEANEST WATERPARK IN TEXAS! We go above and beyond just filtering our water. We use ultraviolet lights to disinfect the water and kill harmful bacteria for the ultimate purification! Additionally, our staff works tirelessly to keep our park clean of debris, so trash ends up in trashcans and not in the water. Just take it from this mom, who said that Splashway “is so clean it puts all other waterparks to shame!”

Don’t want to take our word for it? Hear from other mom’s who call Splashway their favorite family getaway!