Splashway Guests

Splashway “is so clean that it puts all other waterparks to shame!”

We invited Margret Rojas, AKA Style The Girl, out to Splashway for her first visit ever! Here’s what she had to say about her time with us.

Last month I was so excited to head to Splashway Waterpark with Sofia and two of my favorite blogger mamas and their kiddos for an overnight stay to enjoy the entire park and all it has to offer.  It was my very first time taking Sofia and it definitely will not be the last.

I will have to admit that a little bit of me was super anxious since I was not going to have any help, but the moment we arrived all that went away.  From the multiple toddler pools, to the tons of lifeguards on duty, the amount of sweet workers that took such great care of us and the immense of amenities…it was ideal.

Sofia was so excited to get the day started and we instantly made our way to the toddler pools.  The first one consisted of three small animal slides and she went back and forth over and over again.  It was so nice and relaxing to not worry about the water being too high and her drinking water; that always gets a mama nervous.

After spending quite a while there we made our way around the other side and going to the large toddler pool.  This one was honestly Sofia and I’s favorite because it had multiple higher pools, a splash pad, floating turtle and a pirate ship.  At one point Sofia went on the slide at least 40x, so I pulled up a chair at the bottom and watched her face light up each time.

Once we got back in the cabin I gave Sofia a quick bath and dinner and we headed to meet our friends at the  playground.  The kids played for awhile, running up and down the slides, digging in the sand and playing with the large chess board.

One of the great things of Splashway, in addition to everything else I mentioned, is that they have daily night activities once the waterpark closes.  This day in particular they had BINGO in the activities center and a movie on the lawn at 8pm, which showed COCO.  It is one of Sofia’s favorite movies, so at 7:55pm I grabbed our picnic blanket and bug spray and headed with Sofia down to the lawn with tons of other parents and kids and enjoyed the movie.

I will admit that Sofia did more running around then watching, but still it helped her burn off a lot of energy.

This waterpark is by far, THE BEST, I have ever been too and is so clean that it puts all other waterparks to shame.

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