Splashway Guests

Splashway is “everything you would want in a summer vacation!”

This summer, our family was invited to spend the week at Splashway Waterpark & Campground. I was nervous about bringing my children to the waterpark without Tommy, so I invited my entire family to come help me. I had never been to Splashway before but have heard wonderful things. I have to start off by saying that this trip was so much more than I expected. It will forever be one of my favorite trips! Not only is Splashway a waterpark, but they also have cabins, putt-putt, laser tag, playground, campfires, movie nights on the lawn, lakes, golf carts, and more.

“The entire trip is truly so calming and everything you would want in a summer vacation.”

I went with several other families and our cabins were all next to each other. All of our children would go from cabin to cabin playing, snacking on each other’s food, and having fun. There were 10+ children total so you can imagine how much fun they were having. We were there for 3 days and our schedule looked something like this… We would wake up and have breakfast in our cabins. There was a full kitchen so my mom made us breakfast. Then we would get ready for the waterpark, which was the perfect size for us. It wasn’t too big with long long lines and it wasn’t too small. We got around in golf carts which my entire family enjoyed. There were slides and activities for all ages. There were 2 little kiddie spots for Chloe too. We stayed in our cabana whenever we needed a break and I highly suggest reserving one because it’s such a great space to order food, let the children rest, and to have all of your belongings in one area. The water slides were such a thriller, Liam LOVED the slides. He has been talking about “the purple slide” ever since then. Splashway has a huge variety of meals, snacks, and drinks that you can order from. They also let you bring in your own food, which we appreciated. The waterpark is near our cabin so when Chloe needed a nap for we needed a break, we would get in our golf carts and drive back to our cabin for an hour or two.

The entire trip was so relaxing and I’m thankful to have seen everyone spend time with each other and relax. Not only does Splashway have a fun waterpark, they also have tons of other activities and the perfect spot for your family to bond and enjoy each other.

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