10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ray

1. Ray’s birthday is June 9th!
This year, Ray’s family members at Splashway threw him a HUGE birthday bash with dancing, cake, candles, birthday arts & crafts, and the very first introduction of his friend Mono!

2. His best friend is Mono the Monkey!
Fun fact: “Mono” means “monkey” in Spanish.

3. Ray has exactly 10 rays around his head.

4. His favorite dances are the ChaCha Slide and the Cupid Shuffle.
He dances with guests three times a day. Make sure you get a chance to dance with Ray on our “We are Family” Wave Pool Beach! Sometimes you’ll even see Rainbow the Clown join Ray in a dance or two!

5. Ray LOVES hugs and high fives!
He always has open arms, ready to hug, and he never gets tired of giving kids (and adults, too!) high fives.  Take a Ray plush home with you to snuggle with him even after you leave Splashway.

6. Ray’s favorite times of the day are 12, 2 and 4.
This is when he gets to walk around and interact with his favorite people: the guests at Splashway. These are your prime opportunities to get a very special hug, high five, or picture with Ray.

7. His “RAY”dient smile can light up your day.
Ray loves to smile, and getting to walk around Splashway and tell guests hello makes him smile most. His family members always love to see his smile. 

8. Ray’s favorite place to eat is his very own restaurant: Ray’s Cafe.
He loves the hamburgers there, and finishes off his meal with tasty Dippin’ Dots! Ray’s Cafe is located under the big blue pavilion right next to Entrance B. 

9. Ray was in an ambulance once!
(Don’t worry- he’s fine!) During Hero Weekend in the campgrounds, local EMTs visited campers to give demonstrations, which included loading up Ray in an ambulance to show everyone how it works!

10. Ray has other very special furry friends.
From communities around Splashway, Ray’s other best friends include the Chick-Fil-A Cow, the ICEE Bear, the Columbus Cardinal, and the Hallettsville Brahma.