Splashway Guests

Splashway is ” just the right size for families!”

We invited the family of 6, Alpha Omega Family Adventures, out for a day of waterpark fun. Here’s what they had to say about their first trip to Splashway Waterpark!

When the temperatures rise into the 100’s in the summer in Texas, what is a perfect family activity? Heading to the waterpark is the best way to cool off on these hot, summer days. Splashway Waterpark & Campground is the perfect family waterpark to visit for a day (or more if you can).

Our family has wanted to visit Splashway for a few years now. We are so glad we finally had the chance to experience it! This waterpark is seriously just the right size for families. It isn’t so big and spread out that we are too worried to let our big boys go off on their own, while at the same time it is big enough to keep everyone entertained all day. Overall, we felt very safe and without worries!

One of the neat things we experienced during our day at Splashway was when they played the National Anthem over the loud speaker. Everyone in the toddler area we were in stopped what they were doing, put their hand over their heart, and faced the flag. I will say, I wasn’t expecting it at all. But, it was nice to see and feel the American Patriotism somewhere you least expect it.

You can read about Jenna’s full day at Splashway here, or check out the adorable video they made below!