The World's First

Dueling Hybrid Water Coaster

Splashway – the highest rated water park in Texas – wanted to build on their legacy of world-class entertainment by investing in the very latest innovation driven by ProSlide engineering. To raise the bar yet again, Splashway, a Texas Waterpark, needed a premiere ride powered by cutting-edge technology that would thrill guests for decades to come.

The Ultimate WET YOUR PANTS Experience

This summer, Splashway is installing the world’s first Dueling RocketBLAST® + FlyingSAUCER® 20 hybrid water coaster, which merges three brand-new ProSlide innovations into one legendary ride experience. This high-impact attraction drives guests through tight turns at high speeds powered by ProSlide‘s patented BLAST® technology before sweeping them around the award-winning FlyingSAUCER® features for an unforgettable “drop and dive” sensation. The innovative RallyPOINTS™ technology – open low-separator lanes that allow riders to see and hear the action – adds a competitive dueling element that raises the stakes, building the excitement for the ultimate water coaster experience. We are happy to say riders 42 inches and up will be able to enjoy this ride!

Breaking Records in Texas and the World

Named Dueling Splash Blasters, Splashway’s Dueling RocketBLAST® hybrid coaster hosts six FlyingSAUCER® 20 features – the most ever on a single ride path – ultimately redefining the water coaster experience. This latest addition is a showstopper that sets a new golden standard for water coaster innovation, delivering unrivaled performance fueled by exceptional design and engineering.

Opening July 15, 2019!