What’s Nearby – Splashway 

Are there any hotel/motel accommodations nearby?

Splashway is the cleaned Texas water park and family campground located in the rural community of Sheridan, TX, which is located near the cities of Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. The nearest hotel accommodations are located 20 minutes away in both Hallettsville and Columbus. We do, however, have an RV Park and Campgrounds that welcomes any guests wishing to tent camp, bring their RV, or rent one of our cabins or cottages.


Schulenburg Festival     

Fiddlers Frolic         

Kolache Fest       

Colorado County Fair   


Shiner Music Fest       



Whistling Duck Vineyards & Winery   

Majek Vineyard & Winery 

Rosemary’s Vineyard & Winery  

Moravia Vineyard and Winery   

Cast Iron Winery  

San Ducerro Winery        

Yellow Brick Road Winery & Restaurant