Director of Camp Experience

Haylee considers it a good day by doing a work out, which consists of her reading a book in bed until her arms hurt. She can also be found listening to classical music; her favorite piece is Expression by Helen Jane Long (she secretly likes it because it was featured in an anime). Her other hobbies include sewing, fishing, woodwork and is working on becoming a plant enthusiast.When Haylee isn’t totally immersed in a book she enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying her new car and taking vacations (she enjoyed her first vacation out of state this year.) As our Camp Activities Director and Coffee Bar Manager Haylee loves fighting llamas and creating different types of fun drinks for the Coffee Bar. She believes that in order to create fun you also must have fun! Haylee began working at Splashway in her early teens as a guest service member where she spent time in other departments and now calls the campgrounds her home away from home.