Owner/General Manager

Carl is one of Splashway’s owners and the General Manager. He began his career with Splashway as a lifeguard in 2001. He quickly worked his way to Head Lifeguard, Supervisor and then the Director of Waterpark Operations. Eventually, Carl, his wife, Laura, and father-in-law Hank, had the opportunity to buy Splashway and they became owners. Together Carl and Laura have 3 sons, Peyton, Brady and Drew. Yes, they are all named after the NFL quarterbacks who dominated the league at the time of their sons’ births. Carl enjoys returning home from work each day to wrestle with his boys, play sports and of course, swim. If he and Laura take a day off, you can bet they’ll be eating somewhere awesome as they are both big “foodies” and pretty much plan the day around the next awesome meal. When Carl is lucky enough to get some time to himself, he loves to fish, hunt and travel. When he’s “traveling” you can bet there are going to be a few waterpark tours no matter where they go. Carl and Laura live in Hallettsville and are parishioners at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

He’s most proud of Splashway’s success growing from 2 full-time family members (employees), 85 seasonal family members and 19 acres to what it is today with more than 30 full-timers, 400 seasonal and over 100 acres. If you ask him how he’s done it, you’ll hear one of his favorite lines; “Surround yourself with amazing people and amazing things will happen!” The Splashway Family is the heart and soul of this company and has EVERYTHING to do with why Splashway is the best at what they do. If you ask him if this is it or what’s next, you’ll get the answer, “We are just getting started.” His passion and vision for Splashway is unbelievable as he will continue to strive to provide guests an unmatched experience worth coming back for to ensure that Splashway is the PREMIER waterpark and campground destination in Texas.