Party Package

Number of Guests

FREE Birthday Child + 8 Tickets

Recommended Age

Any Age

Weekday Rate


Weekend/Holiday Rate



What’s Included

(1) Birthday gift

Birthday Shoutout

8  Waterpark Tickets

Night(s) in Cabin*

Party Host

2 Large Pizzas

2 Pitchers of Soda

Cookie Cake

(1) FREE Birthday Child Admission

2 Tables in Ray’s Party Place (1 Day)**

Printable Invitations


*Night(s) in Cabin

Option 1: Sun – Thur- 1-night stay in cabin

Option 2: Sat- 2-night stay in cabin

Cabin rental fee will be added at a discounted rate during booking.

**2 Tables in Ray’s Party Place (1 Day)

Option 1: Mon-Sat- 10am – 1:30pm, Sun- 12pm – 2:30pm

Option 2: Mon-Sat- 2:30pm – 6:00pm, Sun- 3:30pm – 6pm



Type Add-On Cost
Ticket Over 42” $39.99ea
Ticket Kids Under 42” $28.99ea
Drink Pitcher of Soda $10ea
Drink Refillable Cup $9.99ea (Unlimited Refills)
Drink Cup of Soda $2.99ea
Food Pizza $15ea w/ unlimited toppings
Food Additional Cookie Cake $16.99ea
Party Favor Splashway Shirt $12ea
Party Favor Ray Plush Keychains $5ea
Party Favor Big Squirt!® Water Toy $6.50ea


Additional Add-Ons

Cabana Upgrade

Add cabana w/ 15% off discount in addition to cost of party


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