Load Your Band

To Scan, Pay & Go!

Did you know you can load up your Season Pass wristband with Splash Cash using only your phone? Just follow these 4 simple steps and you’ll be ready to WET YOUR PANTS all summer long with safe, contact-free payments.

Steps to Loading Up Your Band:

  1. Scan the barcode on the wristband you want to load with your smartphone camera. This will take you to an exclusive special page.
  2. Add your desired amount of Splash Cash to your cart. *Make sure to only add one offer per wristband!
  3. Checkout! The Bonus Bucks will be automatically applied to your band after you complete the payment.
  4. Repeat! Want to load up all of the family’s bands? Just repeat these steps for every new wristband you want to load.


What is Splash Cash?

Splash Cash is our contact-free payment system that can be used throughout the waterpark and campground.

What can Splash Cash be used for?

Splash Cash can be used to purchase food, drinks, and merchandise within the waterpark. It can also be used in the campgrounds to purchase amenities like laser tag or putt putt, crafts, and any other goodies you find in the Camp Store, like firewood, souvenirs, ice cream, and more!

Is there a limit to how much Splash Cash I can buy?

No way, stock up with as much as you’d like! We recommend adding only one increment to your cart at a time and checking out before adding more. This will ensure the correct amount of bonus bucks are applied.

I’m scanning my wristband with my smartphone camera but no webpage is opening.

Try closing your camera app and opening it again. If this doesn’t work, try tapping your screen to focus the camera on the barcode. Make sure your camera isn’t too close to the barcode or it may have trouble reading it.

I added the Splash Cash to my band but how do I know the bonus bucks were added?

Once you complete your purchase, you can scan your wristband again and see that both the amount you added and the correlating bonus bucks in the value field!

How can I take advantage of this if I haven’t received my Season Pass band via mail?

If you have not received your wristbands in the mail, just hang tight! Season Passes purchased before December 10th should arrive before December 31st when this offer ends.