Retreat together in a fully-equipped, new Splashway bunkhouse, complete with private showers, restrooms, and a full kitchenette.

Stay in one of the bunkhouse bedrooms that have a queen bed, or stay together in the larger room that has both bunk beds and queen beds as guest accommodations. The bunkhouse porches are amazing and are perfect to watch the sunrise (or set) with 2-5 families, so invite your friends, brothers, sisters, cousins – whoever you want, and enjoy a peaceful weekend together at Splashway Campground. There’s plenty of room and things to do for all.

Enjoy jam-packed fun all year round while staying at our Splashway campground bunkhouses and make the most of your camping experience. Enjoy the great outdoors while taking part in special contests, cook-offs, arts and crafts, and more! During campground events, we host outdoor movie nights, live music, and exclusive activities you can only experience during Splashway special events. Every season offers something new and exciting for your family to experience at our campground, from spring break, fall festivals, and New Year’s Eve. There’s fun for every age – take advantage of our Splashway special events!

Book a Splashway bunkhouse today in Colorado County’s beautiful, Sheridan, Texas!

Bunkhouse Virtual Tour from Splashway Waterpark & Campground.