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Ray’s Guide to Earth Day

Earth Day is around the corner (April 22nd) and what better way to help the littles learn about the Earth than to plant a garden at home! Do you have recyclables around your home you can use to help make your garden eco-friendly? We have the perfect gardening ideas to help prepare your garden for Earth Day!

Here are 5 ideas to get your garden started:

Start A Vegetable Garden

Post by: Plants for all Seasons

Encourage kids to start a vegetable garden by selecting a few easy-to-grow plants, such as tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots. Let them get their hands dirty by digging the soil, planting the seeds, and watering the plants.

Make A Fairy Garden

Post by: Fairy Garden DIY

Create a miniature garden that features tiny plants, fairy figurines, and other decorative elements. This is a great project for younger kids who may not be ready for a full-scale garden.

Build A Birdhouse

Post by: Leap Frog

Provide a home for birds by building a birdhouse with your kids. This can be a simple project using a pre-made birdhouse kit or a more advanced project for older kids who enjoy woodworking.

Plant A Butterfly Garden

Post by: Run Wild My Child

Create a garden that is attractive to butterflies by selecting plants that attract them, such as milkweed, daisies, and marigolds. Teach kids about the butterfly life cycle and how to identify different species.

Create A Flower Bed

Post by: Kara Carrero

Encourage kids to create a flower bed by selecting a variety of colorful flowers and arranging them in a pleasing pattern. This can be a great opportunity to teach kids about color theory and design principles.

These are just a few ideas to make your home more eco-friendly. Remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle to help protect the environment. Happy Earth Day!