New Slide: Dueling Splash Blasters (All You Need to Know)

Are you brave enough to take the plunge? The Dueling Splash Blasters is our brand new slide that’s the first of its kind in the entire WORLD! While this new high-thrill coaster is for our most adventurous guests, this slide is for everyone over 42” tall! Need to build up the courage for this fast-paced water coaster? Read on for reasons why you should join us for the Grand Opening and ride the new Dueling Splash Blasters!


You read that right! Right here in Texas, we’ll boast having the world’s first ever Dueling Splash Blaster water coaster! The specific technology in this waterslide hasn’t been seen anywhere else in the world! Jet propulsion technology sends riders up steep inclines, soaring through large rocket saucers at maximum centripetal force.


Challenge your friends and family to see who completes this ultimate thrill ride first! Throughout the ride, you will be able to see how you’re matching up with your opponent in speed. A little friendly competition makes the ride all the more fun.


How many people can say they’ve mastered the world’s only Dueling Splash Blasters? Right now, ZERO! But that’s all changing when this high-thrill coaster opens for the brave-hearted on July 15, 2019. Will you be the first to take the plunge?

If you’re still feeling skittish about this high-thrill ride, don’t worry! We have over 20 slides and rides to fill up an entire day of WET YOUR PANTS fun!