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Valentine’s Day for Families

It’s almost time for hugs and kisses! The month of love is officially here so why not make it about family? Have a fun day at home with DIY ways to get the whole family feeling the love.

Here are some DIY ideas to create lasting family memories:

Movie Marathon

Build a fun living room fort, grab a snack, and snuggle up with your littles for a Valentine’s Day movie night (or marathon). Bring out the classics and some newer movies about love, friendship, and family.

Post by: Big Family Blessings

Bake a Treat

Who doesn’t love a fun treat? This Valentine’s Day get the whole family together for a little baking fun. Let the kids into the kitchen to experiment with their own Valentine-themed creations and see them come to life!

Post by: In the Kids Kitchen

Puppet Show

Imagination is an amazing thing and what better way to let it flow than to help your kids create a Valentine’s Day-themed puppet show? Search around the house for supplies to use then create your script. Make some popcorn and let the show begin!

Post by: Ziggity Zoom Family

Game Night

Does your family have a competitive side? Why not turn Valentine’s day into a friendly competition of different heart day-themed games? Instead of going to the store to purchase board games create your own DIY versions.

Post by: Today

Spa Day

Throw a Valentine’s spa day! Everyone deserves to relax and there’s no better day to do that than on Valentine’s Day. Create a serene atmosphere for the family with calming music, face masks, and lots of laughs!

Post by: Mom Trends