Director of Design & Details

Miguel Gonzalez is Splashway’s Detail Director. He was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. Miguel Gonzalez is named after his father. Growing up he spent a lot of time camping, helping his father fix things and traveling around Mexico for wrestling tournaments. During his last semester of college, he started working at a fiberglass company that specialized in waterslides. Carl, Hank, and Miguel worked together on developing several waterslides and pools and their friendship started growing. During his time working at Fibrart, he traveled all over the world (9 countries) and 18 states in the United States. Miguel loves spending time with his children, Tadeo and Maria Jose, you might see them playing putt putt or swimming. Sometimes he is simply watching horror movies with his wife Vanessa. He is an enthusiastic carpenter and loves building. Miguel also likes mechanics and tools, he can spend hours at any hardware store just walking around, he feels like a kid in a candy store!