Owner/ Administration Director

Laura is one of Splashway’s owners along with her husband, Carl, and father, Hank. She began her career at Splashway while attending college at The University of Texas studying to become a teacher. For several years Laura was an elementary teacher and worked at Splashway. In the beginning, she worked in the main office and handled the daily duties of admissions, accounting and retail. She also spent a fair amount of time on the lifeguard stand like all career Splashway family members. In 2012, the park started to grow fast and Laura decided to say goodbye to the classroom and join Carl by dedicating herself to Splashway 100%.

Today, Laura manages behind the scenes overseeing all the accounts receivables and payables along with the family member’s paychecks. She is responsible for keeping us all in line when it comes to the dollars spent. That leads to her biggest challenge, which is keeping her husband in line. Her Splashway dream is to see Ray become every child’s best friend starting with her three future lifeguards, Peyton, Brady and Drew. When Laura isn’t at the park, she loves to spend time with her boys going swimming and riding bikes.